History of Hung Gar Kung Fu


In Ching Dynasty (1644-1911) after the destruction of Hunan Shaolin temple, Fujian Shaolin temple was accused to be a den of dangerous revolutionists against the dictatorial government. It was accused to be the new center to train revolutionists.

The admittance to the temple was very selective. Whoever wanted to gain admission to improve oneself must go through many trials. Only those who passed these hard trials were allowed to enter the temple.

Great Grandmaster Wong Fei HungHung Hei Gwoon was a merchant at that time. He had controversies with some Ching nobles and this forced him to take shelter at Fujian Shaolin temple. Hung Hei Gwoon was already skillful in martial arts but he improved himself under the guidance of abbot Ji Sin, who was the head of the temple in that period. Unfortunately, this temple had the same destiny as Hunan Shaolin temple. It was destroyed and set on fire by the Ching government. Only a few people got away, among them Ji Sin and Hung Hei Gwoon. The two parted and not to be found 
again by the government.

Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling

Hung Hei Gwoon continued to spread the teachings he learned in Shaolin temple in the province of Guandong, just to spread the spirit of revolt. Hung Hei Gwoon's teachings were sort of elaborating and modifying the original techniques he learned. But still, he kept the basic principles and a lot of original techniques.

When China was invaded in the beginning of the 1800s by foreigners, the Ching government allowed martial art teaching again. Hung Hei Gwoon opened a school in Fat town, Guandong. He named his art Hung Ga Kuen Sut (Hung family's boxing technique).

Over so many years of martial arts history, there are certain fundamental standards that has remained unchanged. To honor the legacy of martial arts and it's originators, we obey these doctrines: Don't spread false claims and don't slander the tradition

Chiu Kau with his sifu Lam Sai Wing in traditional stand and sit pose

Chiu Kau and his wife Siu Ying (Chiu Chi Ling's parents) were prominent disciples of Lam Sai Wing. Lam Jo's claim that Chiu Kau was his disciple confuses the lineage of Hung Ga Kuen. Chiu Kau was one of the earliest disciples in Lam Sai Wing's school. The school name was Lam Sai Wing's School, and Lam Sai Wing himself was dedicated to teach Chiu Kau and Siu Ying.

Hopefully from now on, Lam Jo would not do such things again, and instead follow decorums of society, as committing immoral actions such as confusing others of real Hung Ga lineage would bring about declamation from the martial arts world, and ruin his own reputation.

Lam Sai Wing had many disciples other than Chiu Kau and Siu Ying, and many of them are offended by Lam Jo's claims.

This is our lineage about Hung Ga style, from the Shaolin temple's destruction to a well established martial art today.

Grand Master Chiu Chi Ling

History of Hung Ga

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